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      Buying a Home Doesn't Have to be Hard

    I’m Patty McLain with Bay Equity LLC. I have been a mortgage loan officer in Minnesota since 1991. My commitment to my clients extends beyond the mortgage transaction. I’m here to advise and educate; to take the mystery and fear out of the home buying process; to advocate, problem-solve and guide people just like you.

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    Knowledge Is Power

    Buying a home is one of the biggest financial decisions you’ll ever make. Knowing what to expect throughout the mortgage process, knowing how to choose the right mortgage and even knowing how to find the right Realtor® can make your journey much easier. It could even save you thousands of dollars!

    My FREE online mortgage videos are your roadmap to a seamless home-buying experience.

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    When you have the right information, you make the best possible choices. My free online videos cover critical topics you should know about before you buy your first or next home. Topics include: Renting vs. Owning, Mortgage Criteria, Mortgage Options, Down Payment Assistance for First-Time Buyers, the Mortgage Process and much more.

    Learn what you should do before you buy a home by watching my FREE online videos today

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    Check out my online mortgage video library. Each video is free and packed with information you need to buy your first or next home.