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Things To Do In Plymouth MN

Things to do in Plymouth, MN.


Plymouth, MN is the 7th largest city in the united states, the third largest county in Minneapolis and offers a whole host of interesting activities to do.  No matter your age, you will find plenty of exciting and fun ways to spend your days.


1-         Millenium Garden.

For those who love to spend the day relaxing surrounded by the beauty of nature, the millennium garden is the place to go. Located on the grounds of the Plymouth creek center, the millennium garden features delightfully exquisite landscaping with fountains, a maze, several different flower gardens, trails, and walkways.

This tranquil outdoor space makes for an ideal place for couples and families to spend an afternoon. The labyrinth provides ample fun for inquisitive children and the well-kept grounds are the ideal place for a picnic or alfresco lunch. The garden is also used as a venue for weddings and parties and makes for some excellent photo opportunities.


2-         French regional park.

Another excellent outdoor attraction is the French regional park. Located along the north shore of medicine lake, the park offers activities such as fishing, biking, hiking, and swimming. The park features a swimming beach that is ideal for families looking for some outdoors fun. There is also a pier that is ideal for fishing from and many different nature walks and hiking trails.

The park also makes for an excellent day out for those who enjoy bike riding. Depending on the season there are also opportunities for skiing and snowshoeing. Located within the park is the eagle lake youth golf center for those who like to tee off and enjoy a game of golf.


3-         Plymouth Playhouse.

The ideal place to take in some of the arts and cultures that Plymouth has to offer, the Plymouth play house is a cozy and intimate theater that dedicates itself to focussing on off-broadway American comedies.  The Plymouth playhouse makes for an entertaining and fun evening out, especially for adults and the older generation.


4-         Hilde performance center.

Another fantastic way to take in some of the local arts and talents of Plymouth is a visit to the Hilde performance center. The large open air stage provides the perfect backdrop for some fantastic performances of both music and theater and also plays host to many open air concerts throughout the year. Surrounded by mature trees and beautifully landscaped grounds, the Hilde performance center is perfect for taking in a summer concert with the family.


5-         Riddle room.

The riddle room makes for a fun and thrilling day out for the whole family or groups of friends. As you enter a room you must solve the clues to make your escape before the time runs out. Featuring a whole host of differently themed rooms, make your way through them all and reach the end. Not only entertaining, but also educational and perfect for teenagers and older children.

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